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Digital Signage (Model KW46-A,B)

Product Detail Information

KW46-A Model is a Wall-mountable designed Digital Signage which was developed based on 46" display size.
Its enclosure is made of 1.6mm CR-Steel, can endure against external shock.
It equipped extra cases which can introduce various multimedia materials.

KW46-B is the slimmer design of the previous KW46-A model, which can be installed in limited space and ceiling. 

It is also suitable for users who wants to use KW46-B as a digital signage, and touch screen makes its design more magnificent.
Using case at the bottom with LED which can maximize the advertising impact, using barebone PC for reducing its weight.     

Product Detail Image

Walmount Digital Signage_DID_Kiosk KW46-B.jpg

Wallmount Kiosk KW46-A .jpg