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Kiosk System (Model K38)

Product Detail Information
Standard Kiosk is an interactive touch-screen device which can be installed at public offices, banks, airports, supermarkets and retail stores. Not only can install a touch-screen sensor but also a keyboard, RFID, printer and scanner. It is used as a internet computer, receipt issuing machine, parking guidance machine, and payment machine, interactive way-finder. 

■ Features

K38 is not only practical but also beautiful. 
Thanks to its inner cabinet, it can bear both small devices and big devices like PC and printer. Its upper part can install a monitor for advertising player, or can post a banner.  

■ 1.6mm CR-Steel

CR-Steel features glossiness and brightness of surface. It is thin, but has extremely strong hardness which makes K38 much sturdily. 

■ Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating – prevents abrasion and have beautiful luster – is used for finishing materials of floor and wall. Also, it is easy to maintenance.